The news is full of doom and worry. The Capital is full of negativity, and the public is full of anxiety. But individuals are full of possibility, and that’s what we’re working with at North Country Sustainability Center, Inc.  Our neighbors, like those all over the world, are full of ideas and dreams, but have come to expect hurdles and obstacles to making those dreams into realities. NCSC, as we call it, aims to open those doors and construct options for people so that they can make use of their skills and talents.

We don’t want to wait until the government can look us over. We want to build this as soon as possible. But we need a home to do it in. There’s no need to build a new building. We’ve found some great used ones that will fit us perfectly. But we need to raise the money to do so.  If we don’t get these buildings, we’ll find a place, but the buildings we want include an indoor riding arena, which would be great for farmer’s markets and dog shows. It has room for the micro-creamery and the commercial kitchen, though we might need to make some changes to make things optimal.  There’s a wonderful historical building that would be a great place for the arts and the space for community gardens.  In addition, it’s ideally set up for solar power, and possibly micro-hydropower if we can purchase all the land around the pond. But the
credit union that owns it wants it sold, and they have to make sure they do the best for their members.

How much do we need? $400,000 will secure the three buildings and nearly six acres. Beyond that we’ll need money to renovate the antique mill and upgrade the utilities for alternative energy. $30,000 will cover the dairy, and twice that should cover the kitchen. You can see our preferred buildings at, but we don’t own them yet. Help us make that possible.

So, while there may be government money to buy it eventually, we’d like to start getting the funds now, dollar by dollar.    It’s a lot of money for one person to raise, but a lot of people helping with one or two dollars will make it possible, from the grassroots, just like this country, and this project was started. Send it us at PO Box 914, Ashburnham, MA 01430, or use PayPal and send it to North Country Sustainability Center.  If we can get a few dollars from thousands of people, and we are a public charity if that helps you, then we can make this happen and start being the incubator and the laboratory for an idea that everyone can benefit from.  Will you help us?