The idea of NCSC is such a big one, bringing arts, environment, energy, agriculture, hobbies, regional economics and sustainability together under one “roof.” Isn’t that chomping off a big bite?  Yes, it is. And honestly, when I think about it two shivers chase either up my spine; one is a chill of excitement that such a project makes sense so beautifully, and the other is that I am responsible for fitting the puzzle pieces together. But then I remember, I’m not.

NCSC is designed to empower people to follow their dreams, not to make sure they happen.  While I’m the President, I am not alone on the board, and the board is not alone in making it happen.  It is our job to make a facility available, and to make it possible for people to follow their own plans, with the understanding that we all share the same piece of land, in the same region. It doesn’t work if we each look out for ourselves. Being civil is crucial in making a community work, and at the root, NCSC is a community.

When people look at all the plans we have, I am often asked which comes first. The answer is “The group that presents the most well thought out plans.”  That’s why the guilds are so important, because that is where those people with similar interests can bounce ideas off each other and make plans to make their dreams work, and integrate with each other. Right now, the crafters/arts guild is off and running because they are helping with fundraising and meeting among themselves about what issues they are concerned with – display areas, lighting, fees, etc. The livestock and garden groups are working on offering programs, and starting to plan how they will implement their plans, and they are doing this without having a “place to call home.”

There are groups around the country watching us, and already reaching out to us as to how they can implement a similar program close to home. We want to help them, but we have to get this program going first.  That’s one of our first steps, getting our home grounds and building the framework for other people’s dreams to climb upon.
If you can help us build that framework, we will try to help you where we can.  I look forward to watching the skeleton form and the goals bloom.