The news is full of troubling news, ie. deficits, debt, floods, earthquakes, and unemployment. However are we going to get out of this?  The government can’t help us much because they can’t agree on that the sky is up, so we can’t look there.  Many of the well off are worried about holding onto their lifestyle, but not everyone is. We see signs of understanding, and re-awakening, but the press seems to think that fear motivates more than hope.  I have hope, if we look in the right direction.

This graphic is the symbol of a new movement, people helping people move forward.  It doesn’t always take millions or billions of dollars. But it will take time. Here at NCSC we have a good start, and we want to share what we learn, but we need to purchase some buildings to start putting our plan into motion. If we get the buildings we want, we will be taking foreclosed empty buildings and starting 25+ new businesses, with fairly minimal investment.  We’ll be able to bridge generations, combine proven and experimental technology, and bring cultural enrichment to people who feel they can’t afford it.

Help us start this movement – We Can Do It! It’s going to take careful steps, time and hard work, but isn’t that what built America in the first place?  Bricks are sturdy and simple, yet to use them well, takes a craftsman’s skill.  The only way to get out of a hole is to start climbing, and that’s what we want to do with NCSC.  Help us, and help yourself!  This blog will share with our readers the steps and trips we meet, and once we’re settled, we will welcome visitors to see how it’s going.  This idea is usable throughout the nation, but each community has to work with it’s own strengths and struggles.  We want to do this for ourselves, and for others.

Visit and see how spread the word. If you can afford to donate a dollar or two, please do so at that page. If not, print the graphic out and post it in a visible spot, a window, a car, a dorm door, or an office window. Send it viral! We can help people sooner.  Show that you believe that we can do it. Follow this blog and see how we’re doing.  Let us know how you are doing and let’s rebuild our community, one step at a time.

One tip to make it easier to find health food. Help fight the upcoming Animal Disease Traceability Program.  Food borne illness doesn’t usually start at the farm, it starts in the processor, and this program will do nothing to address that problem. What will it do? It will require small farmers to spend precious money to numerically identify, register and track where each of their animals go.  Most small farmers have names for their animals. They don’t need costly electronic id tools, or computer tracking systems. Many farmers don’t even have access to Internet, yet they will be required to report animal births, sales and movement, or face hefty penalties. If this sounds familiar to some of you, it should be. It’s a new name for an old foe – National Animal Identification System.  The new program is basically the old program, and it’s already in line to be implemented at a mandatory level. NAIS was to be voluntary, but no more.  Help small farmers. Help yourself get healthier food. Make the government be reasonable in its reach. Why spend money on a program that’ s not needed? It’s not addressing the most important part of a healthy food system – keeping the animals healthy in the first place!  For more information visit and see what’s going on. The program is in the “comment period now,” and we only have a couple months to be heard.  Let’s speak up and stop it. We Can Do It!