North Country Sustainability Center is holding several classes this fall, and looking for a place to keep our Farmer’s Market going throughout the winter. The answer to that problem is simple, if we could find a way to purchase the buildings we’d love to call home. An indoor riding arena will provide a local place for 4H kids to exhibit their animals, dog clubs to hold shows, and a “movie theater,” for a family movie night, eventually.

The momentum started at the Bohemian Arts and Market Festival 1.0 has already sprouted two new programs, a Folk Festival in the spring, and eventually a recording studio for local musicians.   It even may make a dream come true for a member of our community who has collected folk songs for decades, and our local musicians would record that music for future folklorists.

We’ve got even more interest in the community kitchen and the micro-creamery, as well as the arts center. For those many people who are struggling to meet their car payments, these would provide options for ways to either start a new business, or just supplement the income they already have.

One of the most exciting things that have come up in conversations with area students is their desire to learn about civics and local government, as they realize that it’s not long before they make the decisions for their community and they don’t know how to do it. Rebuilding the civic base of this region is happening as we awaken the hope that has been dormant for so long

NCSC is a ray of light, and could act like a lighthouse, if we can get the word out. Shout it out!  Let our leaders know.  The amount of money we need for the buildings is not insurmountable, $400,000 will buy them and get them insured.   We can work with some of them as they are now, and fundraise for the renovations on the others as we offer programs and grow.   That money will purchase 4 buildings, nearly 6 acres, and a whole lot of potential! Imagine what we can do with that? And how many people can make their lives better.  Visit and donate if you can, or spread the word to others who might help. Thanks.