I am heartened to see so many people calling for fairness and changes in the way business works in America.  While some conduct  mainly peaceful protests, we are trying to find a place to call home for NCSC.  The buildings we are seeking are in foreclosure, so we cannot negotiate with the owners. They have lowered their price seriously, for which we are very grateful.  But as we seek to move forward we are continually running into the same Catch 22.  They want the project to move forward, but they need to see us in the buildings first. We need funding to get into the buildings, so we can prove that we’re serious.

NCSC is an out of the box approach, but where have “inside the box” thinking gotten us?  If we continue to think the same way, the banks will continue to control things, and changes will be set at their pace. But by working together, we can take a giant step forward to a new model, and blaze the way for other communities with similar goals to step in our foot prints. It’s always  hard being the first, but it’s also the most exciting.

We have started offering classes, but to do the most important part of work, helping others build the economy while we teach, we need a place of our own. We have borrowed facilities and can continue to do that, but it won’t help us get a creamery going, or a dog training, woodworking or learning to grow or cook food. For that, we need a permanent place, and with the help of many generous people, we can make it happen.

Please, if you can afford a few dollars, send them to NCSC, either by PayPal or be postal service (PO Box 914, Ashburnham, MA 01430.)  Please spread the word to all who might share our mutual interests. It is our goal to make our experiences accessible to others, and if people want proof of tax deduction, we can do that.

This is a way to build a sustainable society for our children, and our selves.  Help us, and let others know, so we can all help each other.  Thank you.