I really never paid that much attention to macro and micro economics when I was in college.  It all seemed a bit like gibberish to me, as I really hadn’t been a part of the “real world,” yet.  I did understand macro-climate and micro-climate though, but I didn’t see the correlation.  It feels like the politics in the US right now are as focused on “Macro Economics” as they are on “Global Warming.”  It’s a lot of words with little action.  But we can no more change the economics with wave of wand than we can clear up the atmosphere. It will take actions on a small, personal scale,  or “micro actions,” which will eventually succeed in changing the macro-climate, if we’re lucky.
NCSC is about improving the micro-economies for our area, so that it’s healthy can grow and affect the macro-economy that includes our region.  These same “micro actions,” will also improve the “micro-climate” if we are truly successful in living sustainably.

In trying to get attention for NCSC to help us purchase our home base, I have met with a lot of frustration as people see our “national model” as too small to make a difference.  But if the President and the Government really want to govern this nation they need to realize that each of us votes, or doesn’t vote, based upon how micro-economy and micro-climate are. If we see hope for our own individual concerns, and communities, we see success from their end.  Why is that so hard for people to understand.  Tip O’Neill once said “All politics is local.”  I don’t think he meant what I’m talking about, but it holds true just the same.