When I speak to people about the work of NCSC, many people get excited about the prospects.  But others roll their eyes when they hear “sustainability.”  When I ask them why they feel that way, they usually say it’s “earthy crunchy, green stuff,” that just turns them off. “It’s preachy,”  “It’ s hogwash.” but when I ask them what it means they say “recycling, energy efficiency, vegetarian stuff.”

When I explain to them our definition of sustainability  “It’s what it takes to keep living here,” it causes some of them pause.  But I’ve been trying to figure out a succinct way to explain to skeptics what Sustainability is : Save  a Buck, Stretch a Buck, Make a Buck  comes to mind.  It’s really more complex than that, but for some people that direct, personal statement is what is needed.

To me, it’s about making sure that the community functions. Keeping options open, educating people with the knowledge to ask the right questions and the tools to find the answers that they need. Hopefully it’s local, but if not, we help connect the dots to make it possible.  It’s not about anything new. It’s about returning to values that we used to learn from our parents and grandparents.  We just have to learn them anew, and then pass them on.  It’s just that practical.