How many times do we have hear that cry?  Are you like me and when you see a scene in a movie or show where someone grabs an injured victim and then yells “Somebody do something!”  I want to tell you, “Why don’t you.?”

The same thing happens all the time now when I see somebody say “they need to fix the economy.”  “They don’t hear me.” ” They should make sure this doesn’t happen again.”  Why shouldn’t you help fix the economy?  Why don’t you say something specific, or change the way you state it, so that people will listen?  But most importantly, each of us should make sure that “this” (Whatever it may be,) doesn’t happen again?

Many people are frustrated with the government, but how many people actually vote? actually read the information before they decide? How we do get this nation back on track?  What track is the right one?

This is not meant to be a politically partisan statement.  We each have our own ideas of  what is correct, but if we don’t take the time to think it out, how can we make it happen?  If we don’t each participate in the effort, can we honestly complain when it doesn’t work out the way we want?

When I look at the current state of the economy I wonder what people want. Do we honestly want to go back to the way we had it?  Yes, it appeared that we could have nearly anything we wanted, as long as we were willing to wait to make the payment and were willing to pay the ultimately higher price.  We each may have felt more affluent, but now that we have “to pay the piper,” are we really more well off than we were?  We didn’t own the things we paid on, such as our house, or our cars, and until we did, the real owners could take it away from us.

It was easy to get things, but the quality of those things often were inconsequential.  We could always buy something else, hire someone else…  But the people we used to hire couldn’t keep doing it, and now those connections are useless. We may have a had a chair for the living room, but now it’s worn out, and we can’t afford to replace it, and we don’t have that local craftsman to fix it. Our ancestors used to know how to fix it. Better yet, they knew how to make it so that wouldn’t break too soon.  But that was when people couldn’t afford to just “willy nilly” buy something. They saved for it. They worked for it, and they treasured it. They also treasured the ability to pass it on to their children, or a church, and take pride in that gift.

Where are the heirlooms of today? What are we passing down?  They are there, but for years those craftsmen have been struggling, and in many cases their skills are being lost as no one has come up to take their place, learn their craft.  That is what NCSC wants to do. We want to help build an economy and items that we can really take pride in passing down; not in the thing, but in the work that went into building it.  We want to help people do Something! We want to make it possible for each of us to be a “Someone,” who actually does something to make the economy, the community and the world stronger and better.

It’s not going to be sexy, or quick, but it can be fun.  Learning new things, meeting new people, cooperating with each other enriches all of our lives.  It used to be value of the work. Doing a good job was something took pride in.  As children we all took pride in our accomplishments, even if we didn’t get paid for it. It helped us build our confidence so we could do more things later, that might earn us something, but it all started with that sheer pride in accomplishment. So, we need to bring back that inner child and “Do Something” to make our community better. Then when a voice is heard saying “Somebody should do something about that,” you can hear somebody else say “Some did, his/her name is.. (insert yours.)”