Yesterday was like something from a dream. A room full of people with smiles on their faces, surprises in their voices and arms full of gifts for loved ones from artisans from this area. Dec. 10 was the Grand Opening of North Country Sustainability Center and the weather was shining on our day. The halls were full of talent and friends. People came to us to ask what the next step will be for NCSC. The Seniors wished us well on our new projects and joined in the songs at night, following the voices of the Brownies singing in the morning. It was better than I could have wished.

Three people came to me and asked how NCSC and they could work together to help their dreams – entrepreneurial training, spaces to use, offering to teach classes. Others came and asked how we can help them find local food, or customers for their goods. It’s what we are all about – building our local economy and community.

The town gained visibility from people who came from other towns, and several did. Stores had visitors they’d never seen. The air was filled with optimism.

We finished the day off with a trip around the block with caroling. Little boys fought sleepy eyes while the joined the voices of their elders who remember when such events were commonplace. Excitement grows for future sing alongs and open mikes. They are eager to see what’s coming next.

We have a long way to go, to purchase the buildings, create the kitchen, creamery, stage, gardens…. But we have a great launching place and enthusiasm to build on. Join us we create new possibilities, give people tools and build a stronger future for everyone in Central New England – and beyond.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful Christmas gift!