We’ve arrived at a very exciting time at NCSC. We are ready to start a Capital Campaign, and also launch a Campaign to raise operating funds for the existing site. But to make the next step possible, to purchase our “dream home,” we need people to step up and say “YES, I Want that!”

We are asking that people who are considering using the NCSC Kitchen, Creamery, Dog Training Room, Arena, Gardens, Classes, Stages, and other facilities, send us a letter or an email and tell us so. We can present that information to our funders and the bank to show that NCSC is more than a pipe dream. It’s a workable program that contributes to our economy.

NCSC has already contributed to downtown Ashburnham through foot traffic, purchases at the hardware store, lunches for visitors, and numerous gas stations and stops along the way between our classes and our student’s homes. This is just the beginning. The Porch has allowed area crafters to bring in Post-Christmas income, which has contributed to their personal economies. It’s a tiny start, but it’s a start. Now we need to have people who harbor those wishes to make cheese, ice cream, fudge, cookies, or start a catering company, cooking classes or art/music instruction, to let us know that we will make it possible. Want to farm, or raise your own food? Our classes will make that more possible, and once we’re established, we’ll be able to bring the Mobile Poultry pRocessing Unit to the NCSC and people can have their home grown chickens turned into centerpieces for the dinner table. It will be worth people’s money because we’ll all share the cost of bringing the equipment here and paying the technicians to do the USDA certified slaughters.

We have a great corps of volunteers, some of whom are staffing our store, others who are painting the SchoolHouse Gallery and preparing for the opening of the Gallery later this month. They have shown their commitment to this project. We need others who see how we can help them meet their needs or dreams, to write a simple letter. Send it to me at NCSC/Pat Stewart,
PO Box 914, Ashburnham, MA 01430, or email it to me at Pat@northcountrysustain.org. It’s not really much of a stretch. No one is going to hunt you down and make you follow through. But it shows our funders that we have properly judged the marketplace and that we stand on firm ground moving forward. Are you that brave turtle? I hope so.