Chip In, Please

This project came from the grassroots, and I firmly believe
it needs to grow from those people. The people who will benefit, whether it’s being able to start a new business here, or start another one somewhere else, based upon our “trips and trophies”, will all benefit.  Some of that funding may come in large amounts, but the single or handful of dollars that are “Chipped In,” by others are just as critical.

We have spent way too many years waiting for someone else to “do” for us.  That’s not the way forward, as we’ve seen.  We have to take our future, and our nation’s future, in the capable hands of the grassroots that built it. Please prove us right and the naysayers wrong.  Let’s make this happen.

NCSC isn’t about one person, or one group, rebuilding a local economy. It’s about a core of people making it possible for many people to share a resource, assist in that economic recovery, and building a community that can last through the changes that inevitably come.  Our goal is to help our neighbors learn to take better care of their families, for ourselves to take care of our own families and then to help others learn to the same thing by showing that this is possible. 

Please, be one of those grassroots and “Chip in!”  Thank you.