I got some really good suggestions on the previous video, so I fixed it.
You can see the “laid back” version at http://youtu.be/aHTrcm_WJ1g

But I’m working on another one. I’ll post it shortly, but for those who’d rather read what it’s about, here goes.

People ask me What is our region? Who is our community? And I’m never able to give them a succinct answer.
The reason for that is – our region, our community includes anyone who feels the need to come to us, for whatever use
we offer.

While we market more toward North Central MA, it is our goal to be a model for everyone who seeks to build a similar project
in their area. That means, if you’re a goat farmer who wants to make a saleable cheese, it’s probably worth it to travel a couple of hours.

If you want to learn how to sew, or cook, or build, you may be able to learn that closer to home, but if you want to earn some money teaching those skills, we may be worth traveling to.

Want to learn to grow your own food, or learn what food is good or bad, that can be hard to find. We’re here!

But part of looking at what’s needed to “keep living here,” in the future means looking at ways that we can share the resources we have. If we are successful in getting the buildings we want, and we do need help doing that, then we will have a massive arena to share. It’s a logical thought that we’d offer 4H shows and other animal clinics, but we know that there is a need for dog sport spaces, for agility, weight pull, rally-o, or just health clinics. But with the space we have, and the beautiful land outside,
we’d like to make an offer to the families who deal with autism in their children, as a place to gather with other families who share the same issues. There’s room for the kids to run. We’re open to animal-assisted therapy, and garden therapy, and there will be a way to find food that helps your children, pesticide free, grass fed, and other special food opportunities.

Our community is the artists and their followers, but it’s also those who want to develop their computer abilities, but can’t afford high end equipment. If people can make a case for how they can share our facilities and our mission, we’re open to listening to it.
But it’s an issue of scheduling, and sharing.

NCSC serves the region, and our community with the goal of making a sustainable economy and life for the future. That is a big notion, but we’ve got big hearts and plans. We just need to get these buildings, and ideally hold onto the one we’re leasing, so that we can be the destination that the “town” wants, and our neighbors need. Join us, help us, and we’ll share what we know with you. Thanks.