We just heard from the realtor that the credit union has lowered the asking price for the Stables site.
We would be able to move our existing operations into the old riding stable, and get moving on the kitchen, which is vital to building people’s local income in our region.

If you can afford to, please donate to the Indiegogo.come site and help us get these buildings NOW.
The amount given is not the limit to what the site will accept, so don’t worry about us going over our needs. Really, we can’t.  Between the cost of the old oil bill, salaries, rehab and purchases for the kitchen, creamery, etc. all money will go toward the project.  Please help, and whether you give or not, tell your friends. 

This is a great opportunity to see how grassroots can build hope in a region that needs some hope. Our perks for the campaign will help others build their sustainable dreams, which is also part of our mission. Help us make this a NATIONAL PROJECT!  We don’t need a bail out from the government. We just need a “pitch in” from our fellow Earthlings!  Thank you in advance.