For a well trained dog?
For a child that beams with success in a 4H show?
For an autistic child’s smile?
For a sense of belonging to a community?
For a year’s supply of local goat cheese?
For a month’s use of a lathe?
For a month’s use of an embroidery machine?
For a chance to learn a new skill without purchasing everything before you know if you like it or not?
For healthy food raised locally?
For the knowledge to raise chickens, without losing animals first?
For a month’s worth of concerts?
For proof that old buildings can have new life and still retain their original style?
For the knowledge that there is proof that people can develop a sustainable community
without a corporate sponsor or government guidance?

If any of these appeal to you, please donate that total to, or
as a member of North Country Sustainability Center.  Like bricks in the Old Mill, the strength of each person’s donation builds to make a stronger project, and a more unified community structure. Whether you live in Central New England or not, you will always be a part of NCSC in the future as we move forward.   Part of our mission is to be a model for other regions, and your contribution will amplify each donation with every subsequent sustainability project.