Yesterday I spent the day at the StART on the Street in Worcester, telling people at that celebration about NCSC.  It was wonderful to hear such enthusiasm, and the wide range of reasons why.
“That’s community. That’s what we need,” was one person’s response.
“Sharing a space, that’s a great idea,” came from someone else.
“My daughter works so hard on the farm. It’s great to know you’re there to help her sell.”
“Yes! To have a place to go that has all that information.  I can see how helpful that would be.”
“You’ve got to save that old building,” was one person’s energy focus, while someone else commented
“It only makes sense to use an empty building like that for dog training.” Two different buildings, two different interests, one sense of enthusiastic logic.

Networking is always amazing, as we found potentials interns, volunteers, and staff. I also learned of other needs that we may be able to incorporate, or maybe not. But I can use the connections that I have built to help others recognize those needs.

I also saw frustration, anger, sadness and hope.  I was amazed at the diversity of people, opinions, outlooks and openness.   But they were all in one place, celebrating the arts and community.

And while I was down in Worcester, the NCSC was full of life, with people using the Swap Shop, the Farmer’s Porch and the SchoolHouse Gallery.  The Gallery artists were taking down the last show and getting ready to install the next one.  Saturday saw a busy Porch as one of our farmers showed up with strawberries, asparagus and more. Who could pass up fresh strawberries?  She’ll be back this afternoon with more.

This is what we’re striving for, and it’s coming together. Imagine what we could if we had all the buildings we want to meet the needs of other people. We don’t have to imagine, but…..