Days like Saturday really make this work worthwhile.  Nearly a thousand people came through the NCSC on Saturday, most of them looking for a book sale which used to happen in the building end that we are now using.  The book sale was at the far end, so as people came looking for books they found a treasure of art, food, information, and finally the books.  People came out with smiles on their faces and piles of books in their arms, and great comments about what they saw inside.
  Outside the building the farmer’s market was doing well with bakers and farmers and our plant sale, selling perennials, herbs, vegetables and flowers donated by area growers.  Despite a hot summer day, we nearly sold out of herbs and vegetables, and made a significant dent in our supply of daylilies.  It raised more than $200 for NCSC, all because people believe in what we’re doing.
  Our visibility is also rising because of the work we’re doing to construct the food infrastructure in Central New England. It’s just beginning to sprout, but the seeds of awareness are opening up and NCSC is in the position of being able to assist in the growing of the idea. Concord, MA just published their analysis of Food needs and access, and we are working with other areas to start that network growing.
  Hopefully that work will help us in our work to find the funding to get the “food aspect” of NCSC launched, by buying those old buildings and getting the renovations done to start the kitchen and creamery.  I meet today with a person who represents an organization that can help with that work, so hopefully the meeting will go well.
  Overall it’s been a very good weekend. Let’s hope today is the start of a Great Week!  Keep your fingers crossed.