This video was put together with just 36 hours of advance notice, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a long heat wave.  These dedicated people left their gardens, their families and came to the site of the buildings that we want to buy. They represent artists, historians, musicians, gardeners, farmers, local economy supporters and more.  They wanted to stand up and say “We do matter.”

These buildings have been in foreclosure for more than two years.  The mortgage holder is paying taxes, electrical bills, and plowing fees in the winter.  They have dropped the price now to less than half of their original asking price.  The buildings are suffering from vandalism, plant overgrowth and lack of care, decreasing their value as each week goes by. The Town put up video cameras to try to protect them, but they have not been very helpful in decreasing it.

I am amazed that an idea as sound as this one, with multiple income sources and a wide service group, has not been able to garner more attention.  Our country, in fact our world, has to change its way of thinking if we are going to exist with any quality of life.  We need to stop looking for “business plans,” that worked in the “old world” of specialists, specialties and special interests.  We need to look at how we can use our resources in the wisest way for the broadest use. It’s how we should have been looking at our natural resources all along, but now we have to look at our historical and manufactured resources in the same way.

I just heard a clip from President Obama where he said we need to “stop our whining,” and “push on.”  While the media focuses on every hiccup in the stock exchange, promotes “cheap buys” at Target, and bemoans lay offs, we need to look at what we DO have, what we can DO with that, and make those things happen. Each day is much more pleasant when you are looking FOR miracles and highlights instead of looking down and tripping over troubles.  It’s not Pollyanna. It’s positive thinking.

People ask how this project can benefit areas other than ours.  Well, first off all, we will be able to prove that it’s possible.  Secondly, we are willing to share and advise, and thirdly, we will be making resources such as webinars, open conversations, dvd’s and more, available for people to purchase inexpensively, as a part of our mission to promote sustainability throughout. This is not just a “rural project,” a “small town project” or a “New England project.”  It’s a model to everyone who wants to try to build community, economy and a sustainable future for their region. If that includes you, please support us at on PayPal.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization, not involved in lobbying, but in education, economic development and charitable work.   Thank you.