This is going to be an interesting few months. Though in general I think of NCSC as non-political, it fits either party. It’s about helping people get their foothold to a better life, yet it’s also about people relying less on others to get their food and other items.  It’s not about building the larger economy as a whole, though its success will contribute to that goal. It is very much about building a community that will create a strong local economy. 

When some people look back at the “good old days,” they remember, as I do, a time when kids could play in the front yard, and neighbors watched out for each other.  Doors were left unlocked and in a pinch, you could ask your neighbor to watch the house for a few minutes while you ran to the store for that last bit of something for dinner.  If you ask “the other party,” they want the same thing – to be able to trust their neighbors, to feel safe in their neighborhoods, and to have the money to buy that “little something,” and then know how to cook it.

But now, driving through too many neighborhoods you see no children in the front yard. They are either in organized activities, in fenced in backyards, or inside playing on the computer “in safety.”  People watch their neighbors, not because they want to help, but because they fear that someone may get away with something, or do something to their property.  We buy foods in packages, where everything is pre-made, so there is no need to “run out for something.” That’s fortunate, that “little trip,” may be 40 minutes away, or too expensive to buy. How does that compare to what people want?

But NCSC, and our definition of sustainability, brings a sense of community, optimism, empowerment and rewards curiosity.  People can find others who share their interests, and cooperate to make everyone’s vision a little clearer.   Those who work with us, and with other sustainability groups, will gain information and skills, and probably some friends and connections that will enrich their lives going forward.  By having a place “to go to” to learn basic agriculture, practical skills, enjoy the arts, celebrate nature and pets, we encourage others to look here for that information.  That will bring diners, shoppers, visitors, and potential customers to an area that is often considered “too far away.”  But we want to show that this is just “on the way” to a life with more possibilities.  Whether people choose to keep that information to themselves, or use them to share with others or to capitalize on them, that’s up to the individual.  But hopefully our sense of optimism and community will spread along with that sense of empowerment.

We just need help to move from a building that is serving our artists well, to a more expansive space that will make the much needed food, farm and family centered activities that the Stables land allows. If by some miracle we can keep using the current building AND get the use of the Stables, we can start bringing in more visitors to the area, more income to fund the kitchen/creamery and a much needed solution to the problem of regulations that don’t fit the community.  NCSC will be self-supporting much sooner, and the visitors will come sooner, but that is going to take some help. Government, friends, corporations, or a combination of all of that, we need to motivate all of those people to see the potential in this plan, and help it bloom. Just think about the positive energy that can flow from such a project!  It’s not about a political party. It’s about a positive direction for everyone who wants to learn from it.

If you’re wondering how all this works together, please visit this slide show and see how it grows. Please spread the word about NCSC and the slideshow, and if you know of anyone that add some nutrients/funding, please let them know, so we can get this “Garden of Growth,” started!  We’re at the peak growing season for hope, and who doesn’t need that? In this time of political arrows, help us sow some seeds that will yield something positive, regardless of who you vote for.