If you were one of the unfortunate people who received a broken weblink yesterday, here’s the corrected one. (http://www.youtube.com/embed/BKton51gGE)

I thought readers might wonder who else is waiting for this project to get started.  I’ll save people embarrassment and avoid last names, but these are real people.

Ann is a retired seamstress, married to a retired woodworker. She teaches sewing classes, both private and group, and so far she has refused to take any money for her work? Why? because she wants to us get the buildings and then she can really stretch out and do it right.

Jean is a goat farmer with an amazing recipe for ice cream that’s nearly allergen free. She’s waiting for the kitchen so she can meet the needs of the families with dietary needs, and the school districts who want that product for their students.

Becky is a dog trainer who’s currently driving `1.5 hours to teach other people to train their dogs, and is waiting for the arena so that she can save gasoline, and optimize her time to teach and train.  She knows others who want to do the same thing.

We have Frank who makes a mean chili sauce but needs to make it closer to home if he’s going to be sustainable.  He’s not alone. We’ve got pickle makers, jelly makers, bakers and others who need that kitchen.

Like many small towns we numerous bored teenagers who want to “do something,” with their spare time, but there are no jobs to speak of, and nothing structured that meets their interests. Our technoshare, recording studio, even drama and acoustic music program, our gardens, our livestock, and other programs may be answer to some of their prayers.

But with a unemployment rate of 10%, and with our region ranking among the highest in the state for foreclosures, it’s hard to keep trying. We are. Help us help them, so they  can help themselves, and others. Who loses? No one that I can think.  Thanks.