The Knights who say Now!

As one of the many people who love “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” I finally have a reason to do a parody in print.  I am one of those knights who say “Now!”

In the movie, for those poor souls who’ve not had the pleasure, the Knights who say “Ni!” are recurring characters, constantly requiring a sacrifice – a shrubbery!  As a “Knight who says Now!,” the only sacrifice I’m asking for is a donation, so that people in our region can grow shrubbery, vegetables, raise animals and nourish hope, but we need it now.

Unlike the Python Knights, who will not change our requirements after they are met.   Those knights demanded  second shrubbery and then required that King Arthur and his knights fell the largest tree in the forest  – with a herring! (I know, it’s Python. Just enjoy it!)  We are not delusional or silly, but driven and determined.  We have a large enough goal, to provide a model for sustainability by creating a shared facility for a variety of needs, we don’t need to switch to herring. (They are already at sustainable levels, we don’t want to endanger  that.)  But we want to foster the nurturing of skills that allow people to guide their own futures, their choices and promote a healthy lifestyle and community.  That’s big enough. 

But we can’t wait until the world finally trips over these needs and many of the people who have these skills are no longer healthy enough to teach them.  It’s been a long time since colleges taught sewing, canning, carpentry or constructing and operating a smoke house. But having access to these skills, and the space to use them, can create economic opportunity and regional self-reliance.  Not every region will have the same set of offerings, but by getting started on some aspects now, others can fill in the requirements that their community’s  need.

People are scared. They don’t understand why the price of gas keeps going up, while at the same time oil production is as its highest level in history.  They can’t afford to travel to work, but they have to, so their paycheck isn’t lasting as long as it did, and they are doing less.

They are angry, because our elected officials are so bother worrying about their parties that they are no longer thinking about the people who put them in office. Thanks to recent court rulings, fewer and fewer people are really making those decisions, as they blanket the media with “the truth as they see it.”  It’s not really the truth, it’s just what they want the public to know.  This is not how our nation is supposed to run.

So, rather than wait for the Congress to pass a Farm Bill, which holds our Hunger and Nutrition programs hostage, or wait for the next president to work out “his way,” of running the Oval Office, we need to take control and build that hope, those opportunities and those connections , NOW!   To continue the Python metaphor, we need to grow that “Once and Future Shrubbery.”   Please help. Visit and give something toward our Tool Kit. Can’t afford to give, or just aren’t sure, read our website, ask any questions you’d like to, and tell others to give. 

We have a potential site, large enough to be our “Castle Hope,” (and we promise not to throw cows off the walls.)  If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand. If not, then watch it and smile. 

Join our Knights who say Now! and we’ll put you on our “Shrubbery Coat of  Arms.”  Honestly, we’ll make a heraldry chart of all those people who help us. Let’s see if we can grow a “Knights Who Say Now Forest!”  Thanks.

“There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress in this period in history.” Roger the Shrubber from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, (1975)