Our world faces many challenges, environmental to economical. People have expressed fear about their future.  If you think of sustainability as a song, folk life and history are the bass line.  Technology, the arts and education are part of the melody, but it is the community that provides the harmony and the volume.  But if there are no instruments, no singers, and no musical staff,  the music doesn’t come together, and the voices are silent. The NCSC Hearth project would reuse a prominent historical building to be that staff, the space to hold the instruments and a place for the voices to gather.”

This is the description of the Hearth Project at NCSC that I put into the Cultural Facilities Grant.  Dave thought it was good enough to let more people know about it.  Driving the grant into Boston was an interesting carousel of feelings. First off, venturing into Boston is reason for high blood pressure for me, due to traffic concerns. But add to that the excitement of what will happen IF we are successfully granted the funds. Then whiplash set in when I pictured the faces of those who believe so strongly in this project, in me, IF we don’t get the grant.

We were supposed to have heard by now on our offer for The Hearth buildings, but that has been delayed while negotiation happens.  We had hoped to have that answer before we sent the grant in, but no luck there.  So now we wait.

But we have plans up our sleeves to keep “The Buzz” going while we wait.  We’ve started educational programs at a local church hall. The Farmer’s market is getting organized, and we have a special program by tickets only, next month, but it’s just a teaser until we get some confirmations.

Part of the worry is that I am due for surgery in early May, which will keep me house/computer bound until probably July, or later.  I have to trust that people will continue to work while I heal, blog, write and dream of potential programs, and hope.  I’m so grateful that I have people like Audrey, Ann, Dave, ML and others who can take up the slack while my leg bone reconnects to my hip bone.

Stay tuned, help if you can, spread the word, and say a prayer while we sit in this “pause” as we await the decisions of others. Boy , is it hard!