I feel a little like a mouse in the middle of the pond. I jumped onto a lily pad, knowing in my heart that there would be more lily pads to help me make it to the other side, but when I jumped out on the first pad, there weren’t any.  Well, another lily pad just sprung up! I’m closer to the other side than I was before, but there need to be a lot more pads to land on before I reach my destination.

We’ve made it to our first pad; North Country Sustainability Center, Inc. found a building we could work with, and we made an offer. It took awhile, but the offer was accepted!  We sign the Purchase and Sale agreement soon, and that leaves us a lot of work ahead of us. It won’t all be easy, but being able to see
that “pond side,” makes it a lot more fun. 

Now we get to really work on laying out the kitchen, the creamery and the cannery.  When we look at reducing the community footprint, we can do it with a real building in mind, not just an image.  We’ve started reaching out to the area towns and will be having informational meetings to let them know what we’re working on. And through that networking, I am hoping that the connecting stems between lily pads will make that path to the other side of the pond a little more obvious.

With looming budget cuts and a government that seems to be forgetting its people, we need to remember each other.  We need to help each other. Now, with a building to visualize, it’s a lot easier to see how that works. But we will still need a lot of other networking to get to the other side of our pond, to actually own our building and let North Country Sustainability Center do its job. Like the lily pads that collect the energy of the sun, NCSC collects that energy and  those of our the people to make a stronger future for us all. Look what a lily pad does for pond and a mouse, and imagine what a big brick one called “The Hearth” can do for its region.