My family has been running through reruns of The West Wing and I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” spoken by Margaret Mead. I love it because it gives me strength that our little project can make a difference in this time of such cynicism and doubt.

I was listening to Michael Buble the other day on NPR and heard him say that feels that his music is a respite from the cynicism of our time, and that any little help he can do, he’s glad to.  While I’d never really been a Michael Buble fan, he gained my enthusiasm right then and there.

Listening to the coverage of bombings shift from affirmation and pride to blame and finger pointing, it’s hard to hold on to that positive energy that rose from the ashes of the Marathon that day.  But it is that strength and goodness that America was proud of, so I want to hold on to that, and trust that officials will do their job and find out all that they can.  Meanwhile, I think we need to do as much as we can.

Next week begins a long term of disability for me, where I’m not going to be as productive as I try to be. The Hearth project goes on while I recover from a hip replacement, and I try to regain the agility and strength that I once had.  While my pain is personal it’s not as important as that pain that is felt by thousands of parents who can’t feed their children, children who don’t know what direction they need to go in, soldiers returning from war to a country so laden in skepticism that they struggle to find their own hope.  Those injuries are more long-lasting than mine, and while I don’t look forward to rehab, without projects like The Hearth, they see no recourse for a rehab from their situations.

Last Saturday, on a beautiful sunny day, thirty-plus people and a happy dog, met at the site of The NCSC Hearth to show how much they value this idea and project. I wish more people could have joined us, but there were other important events going on, so I’m delighted that we had as many as we had. These people represent others who see the importance of addressing climate change on a regional level. They know that we need our children to understand the processes that go into obtaining their food. Some of them want to share their knowledge of sewing and building with those who need it. Others are prospective users who are looking for a cheesemake, a commercial kitchen, or a gallery and workspace that they can use to celebrate their artistic talents.

These are that “Small band,” only it’s a larger band that it used to be.  Word is getting out about us, which is wonderful.  We’ve received offers of donated equipment, potential lessees for facilities, user groups that need the facilities and others in the region who see the value of coming together to build a better region.  We’re trying to think sustainably in our fundraising, minimizing paper and printing, creating useful things like potholders, and lasting items like our banner and buttons.  NCSC is trying to change the way we raise money, making it possible for more money to go the work and less to the production of those “gifts.”  It’s not as flashy as a huge banner, but the beauty of sustainability is in proper proportions and appropriateness. I hope you’ll see that value and help us by supporting our buttons, banners,  and bumper stickers while we wait for grant results and our next BIG steps. 

Join our small group committed to significant change. Like all ecosystems we need to help each other succeed. That’s our whole goal for NCSC, but we need external support initially so that we can do more to help others down the road.  Follow us on Facebook, at our websites, or just give us a call.  I’ll be blogging and doing other work while I heal, but I need other people to use their fingers to spread the word, and feed to carry the load while I get my strength back.  Will you help?  Thanks.