So what’s the secret of viral news?  Do you have to be younger than 30?  Do you have to live in the city, or make some outlandish statement?  I hope not. There are great ideas that need attention, but they happen in small towns, small business and big hearts. One such idea is North Country Sustainability Center, Inc. (NCSC)

Somewhere between the beautiful seashore and stunning Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, there is a large county full of small towns, big hearts and great ideas.  People here have dreams of building small bakeries, launching a farmstead cheesemake, or showing their love for their environment through their art. It’s hard for them because there are few places to create and exhibit, and regulations are made more for urban areas with municipal services than for rural areas with private wells and septic systems.
But the urban areas want what the small farmers have, once they discover it.  Wouldn’t everyone benefit from connecting those audiences, and building a more sustainable future?

NCSC is a grassroots organization. We don’t have corporate backing, partly because there are no big corporations in our area. Also, we tend to think out of the box, with big ideas, and that’s a little frightening for those who benefit from “established practices.”  Our business plan connects unusual partners, ie. Small farmers who want to sell raw ingredients to dog trainers who make their own dog food. Those trainers can offer support to returning veterans and disabled children who would benefit from human-animal interaction in our HumAnimal Wing.  4H participants who need a way to market their animals and learn from senior farmers, and performers who need venues for oral traditions like storytelling, poetry and folk music.

Interdisciplinary programs provide us with a deep well of support and a larger audience to serve.  It doesn’t meet checklists well, but we believe it is the way to a more sustainable community.  Please visit and see what we’re doing.  Review our checklist to see how NCSC relates to your life.  Send us a donation from our Revivor Campaign or use CrowdRise and help us in our quest for the Rise to Thrive Challenge.

We’re hear to serve Central New England, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, to build transport and learning systems between Boston and other urban areas and our rural towns. We intend to share as much information with others as we can so that the NCSC model can serve other regions, but we need to get started NOW.  Please donate what you can.  Tell others of our work.  It’s this type of creative connections and wise use that can make everyone’s life better.  Help us use the Internet to build a sustainable community in our region, and beyond. Thank you.