to all those who have been waiting for a kitchen to work from so that they can make a better living for their families; to those who need fresh milk in order to avoid problems with eczema, autism, psoriasis, IBS and more, and to those who have been so patiently supporting us in this effort.

I apologize for not being a better spokesperson, fundraiser, or advocate, though I will continue to try. I know how important it is for people to be able find fresh food, understand the importance of knowing how things are made, that people who feel alone in their optimism do not feel so alone.

However I don’t apologize for the work we’ve done so far, or the efforts that go forward. I would say to any who are disenchanted, disengaged, or disappointed, come join us in this work.  You may have just the right skill set to make it happen.  One thing I know for sure, if I quit, if the board gives up, the idea won’t happen any faster than if we keep trying.

NCSC is not looking to reinvent the wheel, or even determine the speed. It is our goal to help others achieve their goals, and if that means working side by side with other individuals, non-profits and businesses, so be it. As long as we at NCSC can continue our work of helping people achieve a more sustainable world, then we’re  fine with that.