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  1. The choices you make are multiplied by the millions of people on the Earth.  The more people who are educated about “How to be an Earthling” the faster we put the planet on a path to healing.
  2. Climate shift causes more than just warmer climates in some places.  The added moisture is slowing air currents down, slowing down prevailing currents, bringing extremes from North and South.  It’s not about global warming. It’s about a shift in the way moisture is held on the planet.
  3. Of all the surface of the planet, over 70% of is covered in water.  But of all that water on the Earth’s surface less than 3% of it is fresh water. Of that, less than .3% of the water on the planet is accessible for human access. About 68% of the fresh water is bound up in ice caps and glaciers, with another 30% bound up in groundwater. It is only surface water, and any groundwater that is brought to surface that is recycled in the water cycle.  Wise use of this precious resource is critical for everyone’ survival. (National Geographic Society, University of Michigan)
  4. Some plants serve as water filters, trapping excessive nutrients or carbon-dioxide, improving the water in which they live. (The Science Channel)
  5. Plastic is a major damage to the ocean. 90% of all the items fouling the seas is plastic.  A plastic “island” twice the size of Texas is floating in the North Pacific Gyre, stopping photosynthesis for plankton, endangering large marine life by block access to feed and inhibiting their mobility.  (Participant Media)