“Hey God, Look over here!”

“What Maria, what do you see?” God looked down on the terrestrial plain and saw a small glimmer in the area known as North Central Massachusetts.  “oh, that place.  I’ve been watching them, they are one of my shining hope places.”

“Why?” asked the little angel.

“Because they get how to planet works, but no one is listening to them.”

“What do you mean?  Can I look closer?”

“Yes, but try not to breathe on the glass, it causes a dust cloud down there.”

The little angel took a big breath, and clicked on the map to take a closer look.

There was an old mill that was being shared by many different people, in many different ways. One end was full of fresh food, the other full of dogs and children.  The top floor held a meeting room with different people in conference, and the other end of the floor had elders teaching sewing and building skills to younger people.

“Hey God, how are so many people using that building at the same time and they aren’t bumping into each other?  It’s not that orderly in buildings where they are all doing the same thing.”

“Maria, it’s not always that tidy and well behaved, but these are people who have realized that they can share and work together, even if they aren’t all do the same thing.  This group actually works in another city nearby to help people learn more about processing food for sale.  Do want to see what happened last week?  It was really fun to watch.”

God grabbed the map on the left side and slid it over to the side and touched that same part of the map, and an image sprung up.  “See those people?  Those are veterans who need to heal from their war experiences, and those young people are 4H kids with dogs.  They work with the dogs and the soldiers together, with the help of trained professionals, so that the children learn more compassion and skills, the soldiers find their hope and confidence again and the dogs get lots of love.”

“What’s happening there?” the angel asked while she pointed a finger at the building’s outside.
“What are those people doing with the ground?”

“Those are more soldiers, but this time they are learning about farming. Some of these vets come home and want to farm, but finding people to teach them is hard.  This place makes it possible for those people to find each other.  They do the same thing with people who need fresh food.  This is a place where families can find the farmers and arrange for the best food possible, without having to drive all over the place.”

“God if this such a great place, why aren’t there more of them? Why is it just a glimmer on the Map? Shouldn’t it be a lighthouse?”

“Because it’s still in the realm of possibilities.   The idea is there, the people are there who want to work with it, but it is encased in a blanket of cynicism, skepticism and selfishness.  The realm of possibilities is a very exciting place, and sometimes that vigor quakes through to the real world, but without people to lift that blanket, it is smothered in doubt and goes out. “

“That’s too bad. It looked like it was working,” mourned Maria.

“In the realm of possibilities it does work. It could work in the world of realities too, but those who see that glimmer have to step up, raise that shadow and fuel that flicker to a bonfire.  These people are working hard to save their surrounding world, and that is fanning the flame.  But it will take more and more people seeing their wisdom.  You might call them “Earth Angels’,  but if enough people come forward to help, their model can work in a lot more places. 

“Isn’t there anything we can do to help? “ asked the angel.

“Other than try to stir the fires of compassion and involvement, we just have to watch and hope that they can move permanently from the world of possibilities to the world of realities.   The worshippers haven’t even gotten involved with this project yet, which is a little frustrating for me.   People don’t have to believe me in ME, to believe in the future.  Good acts are good acts, regardless of what the motivation.”

“If you don’t mind, God,  I’d like to keep checking on them. Is that okay?”  asked the little angel.

“Yes Maria, and it might not hurt to whisper a little hope when you breathe softly over them.  The world needs lots of people to see what they’re doing.  If it takes a story on their computers, that’s okay, but I personally think that more personal involvement is better than a sample “like,” or “share.”  Good intentions and wishes aren’t going to light that lighthouse, only hard work, belief and some financial supporters.  That much is out our hands.”

Are you an earth angel?  Can you be one? Visit http://www.Northcountrysustain.org to see what Maria is watching. Will you be one of those people that moves the NCSC Hearth from the realm of possibilities to the realm of realities?  We’d love to light that lighthouse beacon for everyone.