Dear People;

This is your planet. 
Storms, quakes, droughts and deaths did not reach you,
So now I’m trying in your language – I am dying.
Blame is not the issue, change is
Who made me is insignificant, I am here.
I am based on balance. Balance on my poles
Balance on my pressure.
Balance in my resources. 
Lopsidedness can only last so long, and now I am tilting.
The only green that really matters is that which grows
Hoarding anything; food, water, wealth, stops balance.
I exist in symbiosis, not predation.  You are predators.
Thankfully, not all, but way too many.
Please think before you act. Do you really need that?
Could someone else use it better?
Does the cost reflect the work? The damage?
Many of you no longer know how I work – please learn
Money does not make me function, care does.
Find others who can teach you.
Share the knowledge that you have.
Remember our planetary family is at stake.
We need each other, and I need your help.

Love, Earth.