The news this week in my world is full of frustration. Here’s just a partial list; a perfectly good building gets demolished because it’s an eyesore in the eyes of a neighbor who bought their house AFTER the building was built.  A town makes a decision to live with its current DPW facility, and instead of saying “How can we make do with less?” like most of us in the US.  My town officials say publicly, “We need to change our approach. They just need to understand that we need this new facility.”  People all over the world face floods, diseases and other issues they haven’t seen before, and we have people saying that “oil spills are opportunities for new employment.” 

                When I was growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s  I was too young to understand a lot of the news, but I was smart enough to know when problems were not being addressed.  Seems I matured with a lot of other people who think that the news isn’t important, and were secure in the knowledge that someone would look for them.  We were mistaken, and now we need to empower people to take care of themselves, and change their fortunes, legally.  We need to inspire Change, and we are doing so through “¢hange.”  I want to believe that this country can get back to the “ruled by the public, not the money,” nation that I thought it was.  I want our world to be safe for our children, and their children, and all the wildlife that fills our planet with beauty.  I want to change the concentration from “owning the most toys,” to “being the best person.”   I know it sounds naïve, but unless we strive for it, it won’t happen.

                Starting this year North Country Sustainability Center Imageis celebrating “¢hange Day,” on the first Saturday of July.  This year that’s July 5, 2014, but next year it will be on Independence Day!  Our celebration will include a puppet parade with puppets made by area residents, showing that we can be in control of our own futures. We can vote, and create a more sustainable future for our families.  It will also include a collection of change brought by area supporters. We will collect that change to put toward operating the North Country Sustainability Center and purchasing the old mill we need to create our shared use facility.

                Because this is a national movement we are inviting others, both individuals and organizations to join us in this effort to  create “¢hange.”  Individuals can obtain a license for $10, organizations for $25.00  Each license can celebrate and encourage change in their own way, and their community will decide whether to support that work or not.  Those events will be listed on our ¢hange Day website;  For those who want to display our logo, we will send you a placard for that use, as well as a copy of the agreement that goes with the license. 

                Start saving your coins. Give more if you can afford to. Spread the word to your friends, family and community.  If you live in Central Massachusetts watch for more information, and start building those puppets!  ¢hange Day is just two months away.  How much ¢hange can we collect and promote?