ImageWith the President’s comments on the White House Climate Report suddenly there is a plethora of doomsday and panic.  How is this reality any different than the reality we had last week?  That the White House finally recognized it? President Obama said he believed in Global Warming during his first election. However, he hasn’t done a whole lot to stop it.  He hasn’t declined the Keystone XL Pipeline. He has encouraged the growth of natural gas in our land, and our water. Who’s gaining from the new stance?  I’m waiting to see.

I got a notice this morning from someone involved with sustainability with a dire warning; “Adaptation is here. Time to take care of your family.”  That’s true, but when was it not time to take care of family?  We have been dealing with adaptation for more than a decade. It’s too late to turn the world’s temperature back in our lifetime.  We need to focus on turning it around as soon as possible, and part of that is to minimize our impact every day.  Adaptation is the watch word now, but it’s not just “live in our current situation.”  It is also “adapt to not making it worse.” 

Humans are masters of adaptation. We make clothes. We build houses. We use fire.  But we haven’t done with the rest of the planet in mind, for the most part.  If our “adaptation” is to be worthwhile, we need to help adapt to living within our world, not just our cities or homes.  We need to change our way of how we live in our environmental communities, not just in our human ones. That is what we’re trying to do with North Country Sustainability Center’s Hearth.   We are trying to minimize how much energy we use to make food available, to increase self-reliance rather than increase importation.  We need to adapt to living with our “local means,” and share them when possible.

That is a big order – to change we look at how we impact our neighbors from birds, to humans, water to air.  It was a part of survival when we started this country because the work of obtaining those resources was hard.  Now it can be easier, but it is no less important. We need to make inconvenient to waste,and celebrate the innovations that make life easier and more local.

We have to Adapt, and we can’t afford to wait for accidental evolution. We have to choose to Change. Please support us in ¢hange Day 2014, and support the resources near you.  Ask them to support the movement by purchasing a license for our Logo, and together we can Adapt to the new  reality!  Thanks.