Imagine you had in your power the ability to help any non-profit organization, or kind person you know, all at one time.   What do you do with all your coins and change?  Do you spend it, put in a jar, lose it in your couch, or just ignore it? What if all the “99%ers” pooled their change to give to a good cause that each person believed in?

What if there was a Day of Change, say the 1st Saturday of every July, when that change could be collected and given to those people who are actively trying to make your life, your neighbor’s life, the stray dog down the road’s life, better?  Wow! There is such a day!

Change Day is July 5, 2014 this year. Next year it falls on Independence Day!  What a great celebration fo the independent spirit of our ancestors by pooling our individual funds to improve each other’s lots in life.  But how is it possible to give to more than one organization at one time?!  That takes a little cooperation, just like any government structure requires.

Change Day 2014 was created by North Country Sustainability Center, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization to raise money for their NCSC Hearth.  A license to participate in Change Day 2014 as a national movement is only $10 for an individual, $25 for an organization.  That money will go toward our operating expenses and purchasing and renovating the building for our Hearth Sustainability Center.  The owner of that license can then collect funds for their non-profit, or their personal efforts, or the efforts that they want to support in their own community.  NCSC will hold a coin collection on July 5, 2014, asking our neighbors to bring their coins and contributions to a central location, where we will count them, and put that money toward our goal – helping North Central Massachusetts preserve and protect the farms, food, communities and traditions that built this region.  We will also hold a Puppet Parade for people of all ages to come and illustrate how we can control our future by working together, and create a better world for everyone.

Every licensee will be mentioned on our Change Day Blog,, and if they want, we will send them a copy of this year’s logo to show that they part of this movement. The New England Grassroots Environmental Fund has generously provided us with the funding to make these signs available.  Each licensee’s listing will indicate who will benefit from their collections, with contact information so people can “Network for Change,” more efficiently.  If they want their activity to be listed, they just have to tell us.

So join the Change Day Movement Now!  There’s less than 50 days to see how far we can get this year, and then we’ll be firmer footing for Change Day 2015!  Consider this an impromptu dress rehearsal.  Are you game to make the Change! Collect the Change and join the Movement!

For more information about Change Day 2014, please contact NCSC at or call them at 978-827-1305.