Are you like me? When you hear about ice sheets melting, elections being manipulated, pipelines leaking their way through water and precious resources, you decide “I’ve got to make things better?”  Or do you say “Someone has to do something about this?”  I think we’ve been patient long enough, and people seem to have gotten more apathetic and less involved in making things better.

“But I don’t have the money.” “If only I could win the lottery?”  These are the responses I hear all the time, along with the famous “That’s a great idea, let me know when you’re ready for me to use it.” Guess what? we’re not ready, because it’s not going to work for one person to do something for everyone else. We need to work together  to make things better. If we leave things to politicians, they’ll keep listening to the people who pay for their votes, because after all, no one votes anyway.  Why should China or India stop burning coal if we don’t?  If we have healthier air, cleaner water, and lower health bills, isn’t that an incentive for them to follow?  After all, parents are parents all over the world.  Who would willingly give up the health of their child so that they could own a fancy car?  But if we turned up to vote, expressed our informed concern, worked together to make things more equal, what would the country look like?

Things have got to change.  That’s why we’re creating ¢hange Day, so that everyone who can cash in a recycled bottle, or pick up a penny on the street, can participate in creating a better world.  Our Change Day will happen this year on July 5, 2014 at a small part of the Ashburnham State Forest. But you can have a Change Day in your area, too.  We’re having a Puppet Parade, a story walk, and a Change Board, so people can express in writing what they want to see changed.  We’re also going to collect all the coins, or change, that people give us, to go toward paying off our past bills and setting up the NCSC Hearth, a Skills Hub that can help people find the resources they need to improve their own lives.

If you want to join the Change Day movement, please send us $10 if you’re an individual or $25 if you’re working with an organization.  We’ll send you a copy of our copyrighted logo for your use, and we’ll list your activities on our blog,  If you want to help us create the Hearth Skills Hub, we’d love that too, but ¢hange Day is about a better world, not just a better North Central New England Region.    You can send your Paypal payments to or to NCSC, PO Box 914, Ashburnham, MA 01430. Your donations are tax-deductible, and we can send you a receipt if you’d like.  This is just the Kick Off event. Next year ¢hange Day falls on July 4, 2015.  What will your world look like by then? Have voice – ¢hange it for the better!

What is a Skills Hub?  You may be familiar with  Food Hubs, but a Skills Hub is more than just food. It will provide a place for people to find fresh food, connect with the farmers, AND learn how to prepare it. The Skills Hub will provide education in environmental, food and community issues, so people can find the information, as well as the tools, to make informed decisions and craft a better community.  Sewing materials, machines, woodworking, agricultural tools and knowledge will all be available, taught by the citizens in our community who have the skills to teach.  Making a better future requires an integrated approach, and that’s what we’re trying to do at the NCSC Hearth. Are you like me and want to make this happen, or are you someone who things Change is someone’s job?  I think I know the answer.  Please help.