Hard to believe with the summer just coming on, but if you are like me, it’s time to starting making Christmas presents.  Why not give yourself a gift, and your neighbor, and someone who doesn’t even know you yet – The NCSC Hearth, a place to learn more about caring for the planet, our families and our community.   We are working to create a place for people to teach and learn simple skills from cooking to carpentry, sewing clothes to sowing seeds.  We need a place for our rural residents to connect with each other in their shared interests, from 4H to environmental education, storytelling to board games. In the past there wasn’t a need for such an organized place. Friends and family, along with Cooperative Extension, taught these skills and made these opportunities happen. But that’s not the case now, just at the time more  people are recognizing what they don’t know, but there’s no easy to way to find others to learn with. Sometimes a computer just doesn’t do the trick!   

We have just 9 days before Change Day! So how much change have you collected?  What is Change Day anyway?  It’s the beginning of a new movement to motivate and empower individuals to celebrate their communities.  Our first event is July 5, 2014 in Ashburnham, MA. Starting at 10:00 a.m. we’ll be collecting whatever change people bring to us, to be used to create the NCSC Hearth, and pay our past debts. We encourage people to bring their own puppet, or they can make a sock puppet on site, and join our Inaugural Puppet Parade.

 We can control our fates. We make our own decisions and those choices are supposed to guide our elected officials.  The Change Day Puppet Parade is our way of showing that message.  I hope that people will pick up the Change Day Movement in their neighborhoods and raise money and connect communities to make their neighborhoods better.  To help grow the NCSC Hearth into a place where people can gather to learn, NCSC is asking $10 for use of the Change Day logo if the event will support an individual, $25 to support an organization. 

I know that this is late notice for 2014, but next year Change Day is on July 4th!  What a great way to celebrate the founders of our country who were creating significant Change in their lives.  Start growing the Change Day movement in your town by obtaining a license now.  We’ll post your events on our website, www.changeday.wordpress.com.   

If this country is going to grow strong and proud across the country, we need to revitalize the small businesses, close communities and self-reliance of our individuals.  That’s what Change Day is all about. Please join the Cause and let’s Make Change for a stronger future, and a stronger planet.

Help your community by joining the Change Day Movement and help our community by making it possible to set up the Hearth. That way my neighbors can make their own gifts in time for the Holidays, and we can all give each the gifts from connections and community. Thank you.