Real life Climate Girl came to our farm and became a Goat Girl too! So pleased to have met her and the rest of the Climate Summer Gang!

Pedal Posts from the Road

Posted on behalf of Jana Wilkes, Community Outreach Coordinator, Team East

girl  My alter-ego Climate Girl, who can shoot lasers out of her eyes that destroy excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Before Climate Summer, I felt overwhelmed about climate change because I wanted to solve this dire issue immediately.  I wanted to be a climate ‘superhero’ who swoops in to save the world from climate chaos in the nick of time.  Even though the rational part of me knew that this was an unrealistic, unattainable goal, deep down I wanted this because I wanted a sustainable world so badly.  To use the cliché, I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders without a clear path of how I was going to save the world.

One of the many valuable lessons I have learned this summer is that I do not have to save the world; in…

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