A Hopeful Place! With all the struggles and sadness in the world, isn’t that what we all want to find? With the loss of Robin Williams I know I want to hide away from the sadness, but his death also makes me want to fight all that harder for that place where good can thrive!
When I look at the problems I’m facing, much of it comes down to bullies, or apathy. And bullies only win if people are apathetic enough to let them continue their harsh ways. Natural gas pipelines and Fracking? Bully energy companies that put their selfish greed over the welfare of families, farms and community health, and the survival of the planet. People losing houses? Job shortages? Bully corporations looking to line their pockets rather than participating in their greater community. Those with the money seem to control so much of the world, but they are outnumbered many times over. We can create our own reality, if we are willing to work together.
Our sustainability center is a place where people can learn about the issues that they face. There is no place to find kindred spirits in the environmental movement, in the fresh food movement, or self-reliance, unless you happen upon the right people. NCSC’s Hearth can be a place for community, for fostering hope, for building new businesses, connections and supporting positivity. Actually, it would be “pawsitivity,” where animals are involved.
But we live in an area with NO extra money. Our tax rate is among the highest in the state, yet our foreclosure rate is also among the highest. Our residents face apathy at best, depression often, and a sense that no one cares. If that’s to stop, we need people to help us. PLEASE LET THAT BE YOU! This area now faces a natural gas pipeline being buried through our groundwater, a growing sense of food shortage because of a companies internal struggles, and a government that panders to those with money over those who vote and show up for meetings.

If our country, our town, is going to survive we need to stop listening to agendas that don’t take the greater good into account. Not the greater good of a corporation that resides thousands of miles away, but the good of your family, your friends, your community and our world.
We have a variety of ways that you can help us. A quick way is to purchase a t-shirt from our booster stop. You can see them at www. Northcountrysustain.org/Tshirts.html. You can support us through Change Day by visiting www.changedayusa.com, or you can purchase some local links at $1 a piece.
You can learn more, or just donate outright at www.northcountrysustain.org.
I honestly believe that there are more good people than evil in this country, on this planet. Not everyone can afford to give anything, but if you can, even a dollar or two, please do. Our Change Day event is designed to help us and help others build support for events in their own hometowns. Why not amplify your good works by participating there?
Imagine a place where you could find local food? Learn how to cook it? Share a meal with friends after watching a good documentary or listening to a storyteller? Encourage a child to starting gardening or farming by supporting their business with a livestock show? It used to be called the “fair grounds.” With your help it will happen here, in North Central Massachusetts, at the NCSC Hearth. Please help us stoke this light of hope to blot out the corners of the shadowy bullies?!

For the Williams family, there’s nothing I can say about your loss, but to try and honor Robin’s memory with laughter, joy and positive actions. Though I never met him I think that’s what he would want.