Green, sustainable, ecosystem, organic; ever notice how every term that is used to describe a philosophy of living with an environmental awareness, gets co-opted toward economic success? We can’t afford that any more. We also can’t afford to get bogged down in complaining and screaming that things need to change. We have to have focus our energies in the positive direction of actually making those changes, not waiting for others to do that for us.

Just using words doesn’t make something more environmental, but it’s a start. Those terms, ie. Green, sustainable, organic, have strayed from their original intention of “being beneficial to the planet,” and are now used as marketing tools to increase profits for people, not the Earth.

So what do we do? We need to focus our choices on a wider set of “profits.” Not just what we can put in our wallets, but we need to focus on what we put into our air, our water, and how we live together with other humans and other members of our planetary kindred. So I would like to propose a new term – “Earth- mindedness.”

Earth-mindedness recognizes that we are a part of a greater population – the Earth-kindred. We can no longer continue to think ourselves as apart from our biological neighbor. Just as a good neighborhood with a rock band has to find appropriate times for raucous rehearsals and times for quiet ballads, we need to make way for all members of the kindred to survive.  Humans affect the whole environment, and we need to remember that our actions will disrupt the lives of plants and animals, and their reaction is not always predictable.

I don’t believe, as a Christian, that God created all these delightful derivations on life so that we, as humans, could exploit and destroy them. To me they are just as much my family as my second cousins or ancient ancestors. I know many of my current Earthkin neighbors better than I know members of my own extended human family.

To launch this concept off, I’m dedicating my blog “Earthling Almanac,” to the expression of Earthkin, the Spirit of the Earth from all ages. Feel free to expound on the idea of Earth mindedness here. We also want to demonstrate Earth-mindedness through our NCSC Hearth, and any help there would be tremendous. We want to do more than tell others what to do. We want to help them do it, and develop more Earth-minded humans. Together we can all contribute to Making the Changes, not just demanding them.