While we try to inspire people to be able more earth-minded, we need to continue to find a place to call home. Not just for us, but because people in general need to know that there is  a place where the future is being planned for. A future where people participate in a community, through being informed, sharing information, celebrating successes and lifting spirits of those who could use the help. Sound like utopia? It’s not because nothing ever is. But in this time of cynicism, a feeling of helplessness, a sense of loneliness, we need to build lightposts that illuminate a saner way to live.

Please, support us in anyway you can, through a dollar, or a referral, or a share.  Please don’t limit your support to just a “like” or little fire will never be more than a cinder. We recognize that the % isn’t going to care about us. We’re just little folks in a bunch of small towns.  But there are more little people in small towns than there are 1%’ers.  Our plans can be duplicated all over the country, but we’ve got a head start for a change.  Please help spread the positivity, send what you can, tell others about “The Hearth,” and let’s set a spread that will feed the hopes of everyone!