Help me in being a lab rat! Not the kind that gets stabbed with injections, but the kind that demonstrates that experimental animals are smarter than they expected to be.  With the recent release of a very ominous United Nations Environmental Report and the even more recent Republican wins in the national elections, we need to educate people that Environment vs. Economy doesn’t work.  In fact It’s more of a case of (Environment + Economy) X Change = Life. 

Many people are trying dedicated single approaches to problems. There are organizations dedicated to toxic pollution abatement; others are dedicated to child abuse.  But what if an approach using farms, education and community together were to be developed?  One that could be replicated in areas around the country? What would that look like? We have a plan to do just that. We have a “holiday,” called Change Day, which is about putting pennies and people together to create a better future. Officially July 4, 2015 is the next Change Day, but we can’t wait until then to do something. We need to start now.

So join us in building the “Laboratory for the Future,” the NCSC Hearth. Some things will work, some won’t; that’s the nature of experiments.  But there will be a place where people can come to learn about dedicated resources and integrated ones.  A place where people can share their differences to create a shared future. It’s not rocket science. It’s not “Political.”  It’s grass roots, important and needed.

If you can join us on Monday, November 17, at 6:30 p.m. at the Stevens Memorial Library in Ashburnham, MA, please do. Regardless of whether you can attend or not, please “Like” us on Facebook at North Country Sustainability Center, or on Twitter at Revivor. While we are working on a regional scale to create our “hearth,” it’s an experiment of national importance. Be a part of it!  Thank you.