It’s so hard to listen to the news these days.  I keep hearing people talk about the “fundraising race,” between the Presidential candidates, while most of the nation is worrying about their personal fundraising.  Mr. Obama is worried about raising enough money to compete with Mr. Romney, but how did he raise the money last time? By talking to people about what they wanted from the President, and how they want to live their lives.  We now have a system where a few people, usually white men, can write a check larger than an entire rural town could raise if each person gave $10.  Not getting directly into the Supreme Court ruling, but this country is supposed to be run by majority votes, not majority contributors.

                I heard this morning that there is a great concern about voter turnout, especially minority, youth, disabled and underprivileged voters.  How can candidates get those people out to vote? Show them a plan, or a model, of how they can make their lives more secure.   We tend to think about security these days as increasing income, and that is important, but as most people know, if you can keep your money longer that’s half the battle.  Like many people, our paycheck is obligated before the check is even cut.  But if people can have places to learn a skill , develop a talent, start a new business or network with others, they are inspired to try. Positive attitude is a tremendous tool in making each person’s life better.  Here at North Country Sustainability Center, Inc. we have the plan to empower a whole range of people to connect with their neighbors, celebrate and develop their own knowledge and skills and
have a more secure future as we venture into unfamiliar territory.

                For those people who don’t know what we’re working on, visit our slideshow at   and see how it works.  We have old buildings that need attention and are like a treasure chest for us, but we need to purchase and renovate them.  If progressive leaders want to know how to motivate voters to believe them, then I ask them to invest in our plan at NCSC and help us create a tangible model for the country.  We have another baker, more artists, and many dog owners who are looking to use our facility, but like a lot of people they don’t much in the way of disposable income.  We have seniors and others who want to show people how to can, sew, cook, or build something.  We have artists waiting to perform for audiences, and restless people looking for a local entertainement venue they can afford. While they’d like to help us, all they can do is promote and wait, and that doesn’t help balance anyone’s checkbook.

                Sustainability is the way forward, not just in the environmental aspect of it, but also the importance of community, self-reliance and using forethought more often than it’s currently used. Hindsight is always 20/20 but very frustrating it’s too late to change anything.  Foresight and good common sense are a great way to rebuild our country and communities. It worked before, we just have to remember how to do it.  That’s what NCSC is trying to develop, here and elsewhere.  Want to help us, so we can help you?